10 Digital Marketing influencers to follow in 2018

10 digital marketing influencers to follow in 2018

We know, as a marketer, you’re short on time. So, we thought it would be a nice idea to put together a list of people who influence our thinking from a digital marketing aspect.

There are a whole host of people we could have listed, however we want this list to be easy to follow, ensuring you don’t miss out on anyone by not getting to the bottom!

So, without further ado and in no particular order, these are the top ten, digital marketing influencers, that we have picked out for you to follow in 2018:

Danny Sullivan

Until June 2017 Danny was the Chief Content Editor at Third Door Media, the firm that owns Search Engine Land and Marketing Land. Why did he retire from this top position? Google wanted him.

His ability to clearly and concisely deliver information is the reason Google brought him on board. In his current role he explains and helps the public better understand search, whilst also acting as liaison between the public and Google to help improve Google’s performance.

You can follow him on twitter (
@dannysullivan) or check out his website dannysullivan.com.

Julie Joyce

Speaking of Danny’s previous venture, Search Engine Land, Julie is a monthly columnist. She also runs the link building firm linkfishmedia.com. If you’re looking for great information about building links for your business, her blogs and speaker slots should be on your radar. You can find her on Twitter

She also contributes heavily to seo-chicks.com. An online ‘SEO blog with attitude’. If you want an edgy, humorous but also informative view on SEO, you’ll appreciate seo-chicks.com.

Tom Bourlet

Tom’s involved in so many aspects of search and social media, it’s hard to know where to start. His involvement in SEO, PPC and social media is all-encompassing, particularly in his role as Search and Paid Media Manager for The Stag Company.

His blog articles are entertaining and his ability to drive traffic to his travel blog, spaghettitraveller.com, is impressive. In fact, if you generally want to write better articles for social media, checking out Tom’s blogs will certainly point you in the right direction. He’s also highly active on twitter and you can follow him @tom_bourlet.

Tom is also co-organiser of the marketing roundtable event, ‘Take it Offline’. This is something he does with this chap…

Gerry White

Like Tom, Gerry is very active with his involvement in digital marketing. He describes himself as an ‘SEO geek’ on his twitter page (
@dergal) and has worked on SEO and analytics for major clients such as Just Eat and the BBC. Gerry’s knowledge is vast and if you can catch any of his speaking events, you should definitely do so.

For more on the roundtable event he organises with Tom, pay a visit to takeitoffline.co.uk.

John Doherty

Denver based John Doherty is the founder of Credo, a marketplace designed to help connect businesses with the right marketing professionals. It’s an interesting concept and can help businesses of all sizes.

John also writes insightful blogs about SEO and draws on his experience of working with big clients such as Travelex.

He’s very active on twitter and you can follow him @dohertyjf, however you should also check out his website johnfdoherty.com. Not only are all his blogs on there, along with a link to the Credo website, but he’s also a very talented photographer and some of his pictures are well worth a look.

Will Critchlow -

Founder and CEO of online marketing firm Distilled.net, Will is a busy man. In between running Distilled which also includes an online training company called DistilledU and an SEO split-testing platform called DistilledODN, he also hosts the Searchlove conference series in the UK and US. 

These conferences cover topics such as search, content, paid promotions, data and PR and you can find more info at www.distilled.net/events

He’s also worth following on twitter (@willcritchlow) and provides some great industry insight.

Glen Allsopp –

His Twitter handle is @Viperchill and he has strong opinions when it comes to reporting on SEO, marketing and online business opportunities. His blogs have featured across countless online portals including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Wired and The Guardian.

Glen also runs Gaps.com which provides data for new business ventures and Detailed.com which helps firms come up with content driven and SEO friendly case studies.

Alan Bleiwiess

Alan is an industry veteran, helping firms with their internet marketing since 1995. His speciality is SEO and he’s worked with an impressive selection of businesses including Disney, NBC and BeatsByDre, to name but a few.

You can find more information about Alan on alanbleiweiss.com and via his Twitter account, @alanbleiwiess. His Twitter in particular is very active and often both funny and informative

Lisa Myers 

Lisa runs Verve Search which was recently acquired by Omnicom Media Group. She’s picked up several personal awards and recognition including ‘Search Personality of the Year’. Suffice to say her opinions on search really do matter and her passion shines through.

Dave Chaffey - Smart Insights

You can find her on Twitter (@lisadmyers) and it’s also well worth checking out her blogs on seo-chicks.com. She’s also a firm advocate of getting more women into search, as demonstrated by her involvement as founder of womeninsearch.net.

Dave Chaffey

Dave is Editor of smartinsights.com and also the author of ‘Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practise’. He’s very active on Twitter (@davechaffey) and shares interesting posts including some great infographics.

Dave Chaffey - Smart Insights

Dave is editor of upwards of 100 templates, blogs, ebooks and courses in the digital marketing field and has helped major clients such as Sony, Mercedes and HSBC, amongst others, with their digital strategies. He has also been recognised by the ‘Chartered Institute of Marketing’ as one of the "50 marketing "gurus" worldwide who have shaped the future of Marketing". An impressive accolade and someone everyone can learn a thing or two from.

So, there you have it. Some of our favourite influencers when it comes to digital marketing. All of them well worth a ‘follow’ and their pearls of wisdom will undoubtedly help to grow your knowledge.

If you have any favourites that we haven’t listed, we’d love to hear from you.

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