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SEO services guaranteed

Are you looking for SEO services with guaranteed first page on Google results?

Do you want your business to be an online success?

Are you looking for an agency that you can trust and is going to deliver results?

Before you choose an agency, you need to read this guide on what you should receive in an SEO services package.

You have put a lot of your valuable time and effort into creating your masterpiece of a website. However, that challenge you face now is how to get it ranked on Google’s juicy page one.

So, your next step is to research the best SEO services available. If you have already started researching packages, you will already know that this is an overwhelming task. 

If you’re haven’t started already, prepare for a headache.

What should be included in your SEO guaranteed services?

Whichever SEO package you choose, there should be some solid fundamentals of SEO offered by your chosen agency.

If any of these SEO pillars are not included, then this a red flag warning. You should instantly question why any one of these is not included.

If all of these aspects are included in your service package, then you may be on the right path to grow your online business.

Let’s have a look at some of the key ingredients that should be included in your recipe to success. 

1. Content is king

If you didn’t know already content is one of the most important components - if not the most important part of your SEO strategy.

Your content is the chocolate and everything else in your SEO plan is the wrapper. If you don’t have killer content, then you can forget about climbing up the ranks of Google.

A few effective strategies we can use for content are shown in this list;

1. blogging

2. long-form content

3. case studies

4. white papers

5. ebooks

6. infographics

7. template & checklist downloads

8. video

If you are serious about gaining traffic online, it’s imperative you execute a solid marketing strategy and this is done by creating the best content out there. 

This means not just creating random blog posts, oh no! We need to find out what our customers want and what they’re searching for and then give them exactly what they want in the best way possible.

This is a deep topic, but we will skim the surface.

Okay, let’s break this down. Let’s take your search query (what might have been), for example, “SEO services”.

You will want to know what’s included in the services i.e link building, content writing, technical SEO and off-page SEO. Therefore, this is why we have created this post, giving everything you need to know - We should have answered all your questions by the end of this post.

Answering all questions a Googler has, means you have provided good quality content.

2. Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a major player in the web of any SEO package. If we have any problems without technical SEO, then we can see the stitching of our overall plan become undone. This is not what we want.

We know we can’t tell you everything in regards to the ins-and-outs of technical SEO, but we can give you an understanding of what you need.

So what should your SEO agency be focusing on technically?

Here is a list of areas that your plan should include;

  • Speed, your website should have fast loading times
  • Allowing your website to be crawled
  • Implementation of a well-structured hierarchy
  • Websites must be mobile-friendly 
  • Essential pages should be indexed in Google

3. On-site SEO

Your on-site SEO is a crossover with the technical SEO, for example, we want a good website hierarchy and this falls in with user navigation.

A user being lost in the depths of our pages is the last thing we want. A site visitor should never feel confused. I mean they’re potentially going to be buying your products, so we want them to have the best experience possible on our website, right?!

Okay, so we have a good navigational hierarchy, what else should you be offered in your SEO package?

There are numerous other areas a professional SEO agency should be working on when dealing with your website.

Let’s have a look at some of the other essential ingredients in your on-site strategy;

  1. URL structure should be short, simple and easy to read

  2. Keyword research is VERY IMPORTANT! Remember the part on content strategy, this is a big part of that plan

  3. Titles that naturally use the page keyword and share with the user what to expect on the page

  4. Content optimisation, there should be a variation of keywords utilised within the page. Not just throwing random related words into the mix, but providing related content to a user. This is giving a reader extra value and they will respect your website and brand for it.

  5. Integration of structured markup. Eurgh what’s that? To keep it simple, it’s a better way of telling Google what your content is about.

  6. A meta description that is going to encourage a user to choose your website in the rankings over anyone else’s site. It’s your “pick my site” call out.

  7.  Finally, a user should easily know what’s expected of them when they finish reading your content. So, make a good and clear call to action.

  8. Internal linking is what the Moz blog referred to as “the blood vessels of your website”, which is very true!

There are SEO tools that your agencies should be using when working on your campaigns. You could even say “hey, what tools do you guys use?”.

4. Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO is the final piece or pillar of any SEO strategy. If you choose an agency to get your website from 0 - hero (Google’s Glorious 1st page), then they had better be using an effective link building plan. However, this can sometimes be the hardest part of the puzzle to complete - Getting good links is not easy!

Okay, link building is a whole new post on its own and is a very deep topic. We’d love to tell you everything about this topic, but there’s not enough room in this post on SEO services guaranteed. So, we will tell you about the link building in a nutshell.

We do have a deep look at link building in this article though, how to check competitor links.

Getting just any links you can to your website will only lead your website one way, and that’s to the depths of Google’s deep dark pages (where no user ever dares to search).

The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google after all! ?

Link building is a fine art and when done correctly, we can expect amazing results with an SEO campaign.

Any SEO agency, well, a reputable agency should be only getting authoritative links that are related to your niche and ones that Googles going to crawl and respect it as a link.

To wrap this section up, don’t trust any agency or anyone that says they can build your links for cheap or guarantee a certain number per month. SEO doesn’t work like that and any professional SEO expert will agree with this.

Are cheap SEO services worth it?

Nowadays, you’re just a few clicks away from buying a cheap SEO service package for less than £110, as seen on Fiver. For many newbies, this sounds like a bargain you cannot turn away. However, you will soon realise that this is one of the worst decisions anyone can make for their business.

You think hiring an expert is expensive? Wait till you hire an amateur!

I hope you’ve read and understood even just half of this post so far because if you’re interested in SEO for your website, you will have a little understanding of how much time and effort goes into a campaign. If you choose a cheap SEO package, you can forget all of that.

Low-cost service means a low-cost effort. Let’s look at some of the reasons why any business should not choose to go cheap;

One package fits all  

Cheap services such as India SEO packages will never give any consideration to researching your sector.

So what does this mean?

Cheap agencies have the same process for every client they work with. Unfortunately, this is not how SEO works. Every niche and business will need a unique tailored campaign if they want to succeed online.

Summary - If you choose this option, expect a copy-and-paste strategy.

Black-hat SEO

Within the SEO world, black-hat tactics is a well-known phrase, however, it doesn’t come with a good reputation. 

So what is black-hat SEO?

To put it simply, it’s a way of tricking search engines to rank your website as high as possible in the search results.

These tactics are very common with India SEO agencies. However, Google has put in some extra special work to penalise websites that use these shady tactics.

Summary - Don’t be one of the websites that Google slams down on!

Local SEO

What on earth is meant by local SEO?

This is the term used when a business is trying to rank high on the search results for their local customers.

Let’s look at an example. 

Let’s say you have a dentist in Manchester. The goal of local SEO is for your business to display high in the Google rankings when a local of Manchester searches for “dentist in Manchester” or “Dentist near me”.

There are different techniques to rank for local SEO than just general SEO, i.e. optimising the Google my business page.

The goal of your agency is to understand your business and goals. This is why a client and an agency need to build a good rapport when working on growing your business online. Remember the last section, you won’t find a good rapport with a cheap agency.

If it’s local SEO services you need, then your chosen agency should know how to create a strategy so your local customers find you online - every time they search.


To summarise, no business should be offering SEO guaranteed services straight up without taking the time to research your business and your market.

At TAO Digital Marketing, we are passionate about delivering results. We strive to work effectively with you to understand your goals and then we can execute an effective SEO strategy.

In this article, we have mentioned just some of the things that should be offered in service to you. We are proud to say we offer all of these and more.

If you think we’re a good fit for your SEO campaign we’d love to hear from you and if not good look with growing your online business.

But hey, if you don't think we're as good as Fiverr then jump on here to see for yourself

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