Hannah Pearson joins the team at Tao – Welcome to the journey

Hannah Pearson - Tao Digital MarketingTao Digital expands with new starter: Hannah, our Content, Marketing & PR Co-ordinator

Tao Digital are always on the lookout for raw talent and passionate people to come and join our team. Recently we filled one of our vacancy’s and invited a new member onto the team. We recently caught up with Hannah, to find out how she’s settling into her new role as Content, Marketing & PR Co-ordinator and to finally introduce her to you all. Welcome to the team!

First, tell us a bit about you and your background.

Raised in Blackburn, but living in Darwen I am a woman on a mission, looking to make my mark within the business world somehow, then hopefully become rich and go and live on a desert island somewhere hot?

Okay so on a more serious note. I have over six years’ experience within the world of marketing, from the moment I entered this crazy, fast paced and ever-changing industry I knew it was something I loved and wanted to continue with and I think that for me was probably why it was something I stuck at. It certainly keeps me on my toes!

I’ve loved writing since childhood, as a child I always remember creating silly stories and writing them down in little “secret” notepads; my absolute favourite lesson in school was always English.

It was probably my Uncle Garry who really inspired me to want to become involved within the world of Digital, he was always the techy one within the family and I guess I just saw him always doing what seemed to be to be really “cool stuff”. He was a client of an internet marketing and web design agency where, after finishing college, and attending University to study for a degree in Psychology,  I took my first role.

I was offered a job as an Editor at the company but from this position, and through progression I then developed and was made head of internet marketing at the agency, I went on to work in various digital agencies for the next five years as a copywriter and content marketer, along with an SEO executive account manager role at a large agency based in Manchester.

I then found out I was pregnant and in 2013 I gave birth to a baby girl. On returning to work at first, I stayed within a digital agency setting before making the decision to go in-house. I then took two in-house positions, the first for a surfacing company and the second for a textiles manufacturing company.

I probably learnt the most within these two positions, it was hands on and in depth with a real emphasis and focus and because time was dedicated to just the one business you could really make your mark however, part of me always loved the agency side and the varied clients it presented and as a result I made the decision to leave and freelance for a while until I decided what I wanted to do.

It was from this freelance position that I then found the role at Tao Digital and the prospect of going back to agency was one which I was excited about.

How did you find out about Tao Digital?

I was actively looking for a new position as I was not happy in the previous role and had made the decision to freelance but realising that to have a more secure future I would need to be employed, I came across the advert and applied. After already applying for a number of roles, agency side and attending interview after interview only to be messed around or have jobs removed or put on hold I just felt deflated like it was going to be a long process however, Tao Digital came back to myself and within a couple of days an interview date was set.

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What made you decide to apply for the role at Tao Digital?

I was looking for a role that would allow me to write copy and market content for agency, across a number of industries for a number of clients.  I was also keen to work for a business where I felt that I could make a real difference and where my ideas would be heard and not just ignored.

Tao Digital from the moment I visited just seemed to fit the bill perfectly, they were friendly, they listened and they took a real interest in my previous work and what I wanted to do whilst also taking time to find out about what I wanted for the future. In addition to this they took the time to find out about me, not me as an employee but me as a person and this for me was a deal breaker.

How did you find your first day at Tao Digital?

My first day was absolutely amazing, everyone was so welcoming and it felt like even though I barely knew these people, we already had a connection. We just clicked and got on really well! The support I received on the first day and the way it was approached ensured I left that day with a smile on my face, I guess I finally felt that this was a place where I could really grow which had always been an issue in the past.

What does a typical day at Tao Digital involve for you now?

What doesn’t it involve? I absolutely love the fact that no two days are the same, I get to deal with a full range of clients across a broad range of industries! We are always coming up with new ideas and new approaches to marketing activities so I try my best to get involved and help wherever possible. Most of my role involves writing dynamic content, shareable content and content that people want to read – so no pressure there! But I also get involved within social media, campaign and strategy creation and also the marketing automation and email marketing side to things.

When I am not creating content or being social, I get involved with the creation of graphics as and when required.

What is your favourite part about working at Tao Digital so far?

Believe it or not my favourite part is actually getting to know the clients, their individual campaigns and their business goals. I love speaking to them and understanding their difficulties to then create a strategy on how together we can help them get to where they want to be.

Another part which I love is the raw business knowledge that is passed on from my manager Matt – no he didn’t pay me to say that either! I think I have always been around marketing experts, web design experts, seo experts and real “geeks” so to speak.  I have never really met a person with marketing experience, “geeky” but who also has a real understanding and such in-depth business experience and I think that it is this combination that really does give Tao Digital the edge.

Where do you see the future of Tao Digital?

The future of Tao Digital and for myself personally I do believe is extremely bright! I am extremely passionate about my work and what I do, even though Tao is a new agency I think our approach is different and as mentioned I feel what we have to offer really does give us an edge.