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It’s a buzz word that’s being shouted about in the world of marketing, however, what is marketing automation and why are so many marketers infatuated with it?

We uncover everything you need to know so you too can get involved and join the conversation

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to any software that exists, with a goal of automating marketing actions such as sending out email campaigns, following up, lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns which previously would be done manually.

Allow us to explain a little further…

Marketing automation helps you to move prospects through the sales funnel with minimal time and resources spent, at a maximum efficiency rate. Within that one sentence, you can now start to understand why so many marketers have become obsessed right?

What does marketing automation entail?

There is a whole host of marketing automation software providers out there, some are tailored to specific industries and others are one for all but most sales and marketing automation apps will offer you a number of different features but the core tools are CRM, email marketing, lead generation, tracking and nurturing, and reporting. Tao Digital are experienced to find the right marketing automation software for your individual business requirements.

It is all sounding great but with all this buzz about it then no doubt it’s going to cost an arm and a leg right?

Marketing Automation Consultancy


First and foremost we will outline exactly what you need as a company. From this, you will then have a rough idea of costs. Marketing automation software ranges from £5 to £1000, all the way up to thousands a month but that doesn’t mean the top end is what you need. It really depends on how deep you need to get with the automation sometimes a little automation is all that’s required.

“Marketing automation is just another term for email marketing”

If the team at Tao Digital had £1 for every time someone said that marketing automation is just for email, we would be millionaires. Whilst there is no argument that email marketing is one of the stronger channels where automation is relevant it doesn’t mean that’s all it is useful for. It can be utilised effectively with social media, landing pages, lead generation activities, CRM systems and more.

Myths such as the above exist because “marketing automation” isn’t fully understood and with a lack of understanding comes ineffective marketing. Once you realise the capabilities marketing automation adds to other channels and how much faster it can make your processes not to mention how much simpler then it can literally guide countless leads through the conversion process.

Is Marketing Automation Impersonal?

You’re probably at the stage where you’re maybe thinking that automation might make your company and the communications you send out seem quite impersonal, cold and very robotic. Many just assume that automation means that everyone would, for instance, get the same mass email but this most definitely is not the case and this is something to definitely stay away from.

With marketing automation, you can automatically personalise any communication quite easily based on say how your customers may have engaged in a previous communication and even down do what pages of your website they have visited.

Information on your customers can be stored in a CRM or customer relationship manager and then is used to include or exclude content according to that individual – so, in reality, it is all pretty personable. Don’t just take our word for it though, did you know that email with this type of personalisation generally have a conversion rate three hundred and sixty percent higher than the generic mass emails we are sure you’re familiar with receiving. Compare the fact that personalised emails generate six times more revenue than those which have no personalisation and when executed correctly you will see a fantastic return on investment.

So rather than accusing marketing automation of being impersonal remember that in fact, it allows personalisation of communications and better appeal onto an individual that otherwise would not be possible and certainly would be too hard to manage.

So, what’s the verdict on marketing automation?

It is evident that this is a great way to improve your business however, you do need to effectively assess the software that is available and assess how this will work for your business specifically. Providing you remember that marketing automation won’t be the one aspect you need to solve everything in relation to marketing, instead, it forms one pathway, which when linked to others forms a route leading to greatness.

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