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Our E-Commerce SEO Services

Results Driven E-commerce SEO Services

E-commerce SEO

New online stores are popping up all the time. It’s no wonder; people shopping online is a growing trend that’s only going to get bigger!

There are so many online stores selling products just like yours. How can you attract new and profitable traffic to your site, ahead of the competition? The simple answer is to ask Tao Digital for a carefully designed and implemented E-commerce SEO strategy. We’ll help take your brand to the top ranking positions across all search engines.

Our experience in digital marketing means we can offer a range of E-commerce SEO packages to suit your exact needs. Some of our key E-commerce website solutions include:

Online Store Optimisation

Content Optimisation

From a technical point of view, it’s important to take the necessary steps to make sure your website is easily indexable by Google and all the other major search engines. Making sure all the behind-the-scenes SEO is in order will help your online business to rank well and be easily searchable. Tao Digital can help you with paid searches (PPC) as well as delivering organic SEO improvements.

For online success, moving as far up the search engine rankings as possible has always been important. This is especially true of online stores where consumers have so much choice, even for niche products. Whether you’re selling to a local or national audience, our analytics and support can help your shop achieve the online ranking it needs to succeed. Being a leading E-commerce SEO agency, our talented team will work hard to give your website the best online viability possible.

Product and Category Improvements

Local Relevance

Making sure the advertising copy successfully sells your products, whilst also ensuring the necessary keywords are present, is key to helping improve your search rankings. Each product needs great copy, coupled with the right calls to action, to help drive sales conversions and improve revenue.

The same goes for product categories. Much like in a physical store it’s often better for the customer if similar products are grouped together. Well thought out product categories can not only improve user experience but can also lead to multiple transactions. This is especially true if products complement one another well.

Dress Your Online Shop as You Would a High Street Store!

Dressing your E-Commerce store like the high street

Whether someone is viewing your online store on a desktop PC, mobile phone or a tablet device, your shop must be well optimised and user friendly. Ecommerce SEO is fundamental to giving your online shop the best chance possible of success.

In a crowded market your business must stand out, look great and have all the product information your customers need. With growing concerns about online fraud it’s also important to detail all the necessary security certificates and payment methods. This will re-enforce customer confidence that your shop can be trusted with their money.

Enhanced Lead Generation and Sales Conversions

Here at Tao Digital we can provide a free audit of your online store. From there we’ll help to suggest and implement new ideas to improve your lead generation. Offering special offers, countdown timers on discount sales, useful information and email marketing, amongst a variety of other things, can help massively with customer engagement and loyalty.

Even more importantly, we’re focussed on helping you to get more people to click ‘buy’ and move through your checkout process. By combining E-commerce SEO, social media advertising and content marketing, our team are here to help you maximise your online sales.

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