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Our Mobile SEO Services

Embrace Mobile Search – Your clients are!

Mobile SEO Landscape

With over half of all Google searches coming via a mobile phone or a tablet device, mobile optimisation for your website is no longer optional. It’s a complete must-have!

Recent changes to Google’s algorithms have seen mobile optimisation become an official ranking factor. The other search engines have followed suit too. If your website isn’t optimised for mobile use, you’ll find more and more that it struggles to rank well with the search engines. If it doesn’t rank well, your business will struggle to generate mobile leads.

Tao Digital offers a variety of mobile SEO solutions that will help your website get noticed and better engage your mobile audience. Some of our key mobile SEO services include:

Technical Audit

Optimisation for Local SEO

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to making sure your website is mobile ready. Ranking well, user experience and how the site looks on smaller screens are just a few of the key considerations when thinking about a robust mobile SEO strategy.

Here at Tao Digital our talented and experienced team can provide full audits on your website to make sure your business has the perfect presence when viewed on a smartphone or tablet device. With our technical mobile analysis, you’ll always be searchable, no matter where your prospects are.

Website and Content Optimisation

Content Optimisation

You’ve seen those websites haven’t you? You know, the ones that look okay on a desktop but become completely unusable when viewed on smaller screens. You have to zoom in, icons don’t align correctly, videos won’t play etc. Anything that disturbs the user experience of a website should be taken very seriously.

Web pages that aren’t mobile friendly is a big contributor to people leaving a website almost instantaneously. What’s worse, they’re probably going on to a competitors site that is well optimised for mobile use. Tao Digital will review all of your site’s content including text, imagery, graphics and videos and make sure your site is fully mobile optimised.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

The uplift in internet searches now coming via mobiles and tablets has led marketers to invest heavily in mobile marketing strategies. We can help you better engage mobile users. Creative content developed specifically for people on the go, or adverts targeting mobile users based on location, are just two examples of how mobile SEO can add benefit.

Our digital marketing experts can help you reach new audiences, as well as existing audiences, through mobile marketing. The time people spend on mobile phones is getting more and more and opens up opportunities such as social media engagement and mobile advertising. Tao Digital can help develop the right strategy for your business, so that you can maximise your mobile presence.

Achieve More Sales With Mobile SEO

With the search engines penalising websites that aren’t mobile friendly, including lower rankings and even giving warning messages to visitors about poor search experience, getting your site’s mobile SEO right has never been more important.

We can help attract people to your site and keep them coming back with interesting and engaging content. By ensuring the website is mobile responsive and fully optimised, you’ll be appealing to new target audiences, whilst also keeping existing prospects and customers happy. Whether you’re trying to drive local or national web traffic, mobile SEO through Tao Digital can help.

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