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Shopify SEO Services

Results-Driven Shopify SEO Services
E-commerce SEO

Shopify has revolutionised the way businesses sell online.

In the past few years, the platform has grown from strength to strength, with 800,000 stores currently trading.

While this is amazing for Shopify, not everyone has the same success with the platform.

It’s so common for stores to obsess over paid advertising and forget about one of the most crucial, cost-effective traffic sources: SEO.

If you are ploughing all of your marketing budget into Facebook ads, you are focused on short-term wins.

While these can be great for sales, the long term trajectory of your store is unclear.


This is where Shopify SEO comes in.

When you invest in Shopify SEO services you are essentially investing in the long-term growth of your business.

When you combine SEO and paid advertising, you have the perfect combination of strategies that will see you keep a steady cash flow while gradually building your website authority on Google.

Common Problems people have with Shopify

Online Store Optimisation

The under-utilisation of SEO on Shopify stores is very common.

For many, the reason for this is that they simply do not possess the specialised knowledge needed to make a difference.

A few common issues we see with Shopify stores are:

  • Lack of Content Marketing.
  • Poor Title Tags and Meta Descriptions.
  • Messy URL Structure.
  • Poor Product Categories and Descriptions.

SEO is hard.

There’s no other way about it.

From a technical standpoint, there are many things to consider with a Shopify store.

Which is why you will normally need the assistance of a Shopify SEO expert, such as Tao Digital Marketing, to elevate your store to greater heights!

How we provide the solution

At Tao Digital, we are confident we can provide you with the complete SEO Shopify package to increase your visibility, site traffic and yep, you guessed it, sales!

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect from our SEO Shopify services.

SEO Au​​​​dit

A Shopify SEO audit will provide you with insights into how well your website is currently performing and identify areas for improvement.

This provides the foundation for the work we do. From here, we can look at which areas need the most care and attention, and then formulate a plan to optimise the performance of your website.

Technical SEO

Although many e-commerce stores are built on Shopify that doesn’t mean that they are all technically sound. As mentioned above, many Shopify stores come with a plethora of technical problems.

At Tao, we will use a variety of analytical tools to gain an understanding of any areas of weakness within your sites existing set-up. Technical SEO is fundamental to gaining more organic search traffic.

We use the classic analogy of building a house on sand, the foundations are not solid. An e-commerce store built on Shopify is the same, you will get vastly more organic search traffic if the site is built on solid foundations.

SEO isn’t just all keywords. We can help you increase your site speed, optimise your site structure and increase conversion rates on your product pages.

Digital PR

Here’s one thing many Shopify store owners miss out on… Digital PR! Being able to generate nationwide interest for your business should be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy.

Our Digital PR team will help you by finding the perfect stories for your business to promote across specific locations, with the goal of raising the profile of your business.

This will then lead to high-quality backlinks to your website, establishing the credibility of your site and increasing its trustworthiness.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is vital when it comes to increasing your organic search traffic and keeping your website relevant to the end-user. 

Not only do we have extensive knowledge of content marketing, but we’re also really good at it. 

We can produce engaging, click-worthy and shareable content that will help you climb the ranks of Google whilst providing your customers with another way to interact with your brand.

Here are a few different types of content we can produce:

  • Blog Post
  • Press Releases
  • Ebooks
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Workbooks & Templates
  • Whitepapers & Reports
  • Infographics
  • Slide Decks
  • Video
  • Case Studies
  • Social Media Posts

So, if you have a Shopify store and feel the need to tap into the masses of traffic available to you from organic search, you know what to do! 

Get in touch with Tao Digital Marketing and we can provide you with our Shopify SEO services that will lift your store to new heights, with no facebook ads in sight! (Well we might let you keep these too!)

Want to learn more about local SEO services by Tao Digital? Contact a member of our experienced digital marketing team today!