Traditional PR versus Digital PR - Whats the difference?

What’s The Difference Between Traditional PR and Digital PR?

Do you want to know the biggest difference between these two types of public relations? Here’s your answer! Get in here and have a read 👇

What is remarketing?

Get your contacts in the Cookie Jar!

We all have a contact database, people we’ve met over the years. Maybe out networking, at lunch with a business contact or even down the local pub. But how can you capitalise on this within your companies marketing. The last thing you want to do is annoy those new found contacts with cold sales calls. Get them in the cookie jar! Then provide them some value.

How to check your competitors backlinks featured image

How to check competitor backlinks – [Full 2018 guide]

In this guide we’ll be talking you through the exact steps we take when researching our competitors backlinks and the competitors of our SEO clients. It’s not massively complicated to do, you just need the right tools and time. We’ll show you how to use these tools and how to evaluate the backlinks you find.

What does GDPR mean to your digital marketing strategy

What does GDPR mean to your digital marketing strategy?

If, like me you’re now fed up of people using the four letter word; GDPR! You’re probably asking yourself, how do we actually market our business to suspects past the 25th May 2018?
Here’s a few ideas of how you can gain more subscribers and build a good quality database after the 25th May.