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Google Jobs is coming – Make sure you keep up if you’re in the recruitment sector!

Google Jobs is coming. Searching for jobs is arguably one of the most important searches that individuals will make in their lifetime so it’s no surprise really that 13 years after Indeed launched, Google made the announcement that they are to launch their own search engine ‘Google for Jobs” in the U.S in the coming weeks. The only surprising thing is that it has taken them so long!

Content, Marketing and PR co-ordinator : Job Vacancy

Content, Marketing and PR co-ordinator: Join the team at Tao Digital Marketing. We’re looking for an experienced individual to join our growing team of Digital Marketing experts.

I started a digital marketing agency

So I started a marketing agency

So I started a marketing agency, read all about my journey so far and why it was that I decided a digital marketing agency was for me. Read my blog to find out more about why and what Tao Digital Marketing offer.