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A website without structure is like a house without walls. Technical SEO provides the structure that will enable your site to function successfully and get your content receiving the traffic it deserves.

If your website is riddled with technical flaws, the likelihood of your pages appearing in search results is virtually zero. 

Luckily, flaws translate to opportunities and that’s where Tao Digital come in.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO involves making a series of technical improvements to your website that help search engines discover, understand, and rank your web pages. It is a broad subject that ranges from on-page optimisation such as schema markup, to website configuration. 

Often, when websites are developed, they are over designed or small errors are made. The problem? Small errors turn into bigger errors and eventually, sites become invisible to search engines and users. This shouldn’t be the case.

Creating content primarily for site visitors is great, but if that content isn’t optimised for search engines then it won’t be discoverable in the first place. Put simply, great content will be wasted, your site won’t rank for the desired keywords and the traffic you worked for will go elsewhere.

Why is Technical SEO important?

Technical SEO is always on the move. Our experts, armed with a wealth of experience, are able to navigate this shifting landscape and make informed decisions on the best steps forward. 

For example, Google has recently announced a new initiative called ‘Core Web Vitals’, coming mid-June 2021, which will change SEO best practices in the coming months. The last thing you’d want to do is completely restructure your site, only for Google to change direction again in the near future.

Interested in a Technical SEO Audit?

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What does a Technical SEO audit involve?

With SEO, there’s no such thing as a one size fits all approach. Every site we work with has different goals, so we will adopt a different approach and strategy to reflect this. 

The first step to any technical audit is identifying errors with a crawl report. From there, we can dive deeper into finding and solving problems. Some of the elements we analyse include: 

  • Site speed 
  • Mobile-friendly designs 
  • Broken links 
  • Duplicate content

We also have expertise in: 

  • Website migration 
  • Javascript SEO

What happens after a Technical SEO audit at Tao Digital?

The principal aim of a technical audit is to uncover strengths and weaknesses on your website.

So, after the audit, we look to plan the works and action these opportunities. 

This involves collaborating with you to prioritise and implement actions so they align with your overall SEO strategy.

Championing a holistic approach to SEO

The three pillars of SEO are like ‘brothers in arms’. Technical SEO provides a foundation for optimized content and content marketing, and link acquisition (or Digital PR) strengthens your domains authority. 

Many SEO practices benefit the three pillars of SEO. For example, establishing a clear and logical internal linking structure ensures search engines know what content to follow and helps users on their content journey. 

Adopting this holistic mindset and uniting the three pillars of SEO will be crucial for growth. Strategies across the pillars need to align, so we will always encourage and nurture communication across teams when implementing SEO.

Technical SEO services at Tao Digital

At Tao Digital, we like to work alongside clients to ensure a greater understanding of fundamental SEO practices. Our approach is based on giving you the knowledge so you are able to implement best practices in the future. If you would like to capitalise on your site's strengths and overcome its weaknesses, then please contact us for more information on our technical SEO services. We can help you acquire the traffic you deserve, and we will be happy to rise to the challenge with you!