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WordPress Hosting

We only use the best hosting platforms to effectively support your WordPress site

WordPress Hosting Experts

We can design, build, maintain and update your business’s WordPress site and optimise it carefully for search purposes, user experience and customer journey.

We only use the best WordPress hosting platforms to ensure that your business’s site is always performing at its best and is closely monitored for errors.

Having adequate WordPress hosting will ensure that your website runs optimally, giving you the best chance of online success. WordPress say that they work best within a rich hosting environment.

What is WordPress Hosting?

Hosting refers to the process in which files are essentially ‘hosted’ on a server, which then serves those files to a website browser.

This is used to maintain a focus on speed and security issues and optimise the site to better meet WordPress requirements.

You can indeed create and run a WordPress site yourself using a local machine to act as your hosting server, but it’s always recommended, by us and by WordPress, that you use a reputable hosting service to ensure peak site performance.

Where do we host our WordPress sites?

At Tao Digital, we aim to be open and honest with our clients at all times.

We host all of our WordPress sites on Kinsta, a premium WordPress hosting provider.

Kinsta can support clients directly, but you will still need to go into your WordPress site each month and keep on top of essential maintenance. This typically includes: 

  • Updating plugins;
  • Checking that the site is working, at both a basic level and with a focus on correct optimisation;
  • Checking for any hacks or breaches. 

We can do all of this for our clients within our plans.

Using a professional WordPress hosting service provider is key to maintaining a great website through Kinsta and freeing up time in your business by outsourcing essential site checks.

WordPress Hosting and Maintenance

When it comes to WordPress hosting, maintenance is still one of the most important factors of site management.

Your WordPress site will still be subject to user error, external hacking and inappropriate attacks if it isn’t updated and monitored regularly, despite using a professional hosting service.

We will ensure that your site runs optimally through a great hosting platform whilst monitoring site issues, such as speed and usability, and keeping on top of vital updates and changes.

Check out our WordPress Maintenance services and discover how we could help to improve your site.