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Web Design Bolton

Web Design is essential for any business who wants to compete online. Having a nicely designed, fast-running, functional website is key for a business to be taken seriously and be able to rank well.

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We primarily work with B2B businesses in Bolton to ensure that the designs of their sites are fit for purpose and load as quickly as possible.

As a Bolton-based business ourselves, we’re passionate about supporting others in the local area, and if we can help them compete against key figures in the industry, it’s a win-win for both ourselves and the client.


Why Web Design is Important

Web Design and Development is essential for businesses for numerous reasons. Firstly, making sure accessibility guidelines are met is impossible without design and development. Taking these steps towards accessibility can make your site more user friendly, which has the potential to positively affect search engine rankings. See tips further down the page.

Furthermore, brand recognition and appeal ties into web design and development. Having a recognisable brand increases the likelihood of all behaviours of engagement, attracting consumers to read and use the company’s website in more depth, as well as making your mark within the sector.

Therefore, if a website is more aesthetically appealing, it will further generate brand awareness, creating a rise in brand equity as more consumers will be visiting your website to generate more interactions.

Unsurprisingly, ease of use is important for businesses to make the sales and/or contact process as smooth as possible. A mobile-first design is especially important to business. Google can recognise that more users are accessing the internet on mobile, so the entire Google index is now a ‘mobile first’ index.


How Web Design Affects SEO

There are a wide variety of web design tweaks that can affect SEO. The most common easy improvements are as follows:

Having a web safe font: 

If the fonts you use aren’t web safe fonts, your site could potentially be slowed down as a separate font would need to be retrieved, downloaded and rendered. Loading speed can negatively affect your SEO. Web safe fonts are pre-installed on all web browsers and don’t use any resource to load.


Using accessible colours: 

Google pushes for accessible sites, and rewards those who abide by global accessibility standards. You can use WebAIM’s Contrast Checker to check if certain colours work together from an accessibility standpoint. If you use conflicting colours, Google could see this as a red flag and hurt your rankings.


Having a mobile-first design: 

According to Statista, 54.8% of all website visitors are on mobile, so having a design that is mobile-friendly is key. Google can recognise that more users are accessing the internet on mobile, so they are tailoring future algorithm updates to be mobile-first.


Avoiding heavy/unnecessary animation on the site: 

Although this can look great from a design perspective, it can actually hurt your SEO when done wrong. There can be extra unnecessary code to load that causes your site to load slower, which can then affect bounce rate and hurt your SEO even further.


How we help Bolton businesses with Web Design and Development

The work we carry out for our clients varies each month depending on the business’s goals. An example of how we have recently helped one such client is our site migration and redevelopment project with Bolton-based Parotec Solutions.

We completely regenerated the site by changing the focus on ‘user intent’, aiming for a combination of B2B eCommerce and B2B services, as well as informational content – essentially, a site that could do everything that their original three sites aimed to do on their own.

In the video below, Operations Director James Betts explains what working on the project with us was like. Read the full case study here.

Parotec Solutions Case Study Image of James Betts from Parotec Solutions