WordPress Maintenance Service

Take the hassle out of running your website and let us do the heavy lifting. 

WordPress Maintenance Experts

Keeping your WordPress website up to date with the latest plugins and latest version is more critical than a lot of business owners realise. 

From being hacked and a terrorist cell taking over your website right through to a database attack where links to nasty websites are added in their thousands, it is now more important than it ever has been to make sure your online assets are as secure as possible and kept up to date. 

We offer you the reassurance that your WordPress website will never be out of date. And if the worst should happen we will remove the hack or malware injection for free.

What is WordPress Maintenance?

WordPress is the most popular content management system on the internet and is estimated to power over 37% of the web. 

Because of this, most hackers out there will look to find security flaws or errors within the core WordPress files or within plugins that are commonly used. 

A WordPress maintenance service provides you with the reassurance that all updates are completed within a timely fashion, therefore leaving your site less vulnerable to attack. 

Our maintenance plans include hosting, along with back-ups every 24 hours. Meaning if anything does happen or one of the in-house team members accidentally deleted or changed something we can just roll it back for you. 

We provide Free Malware Removal within all our plans and a CDN in the higher plans that will deliver the static files on your website quicker to the visitor.

Why is WordPress Maintenance important?

Many people will tell you that WordPress is not secure and is not a good platform to build your business's online presence on. This is simply not true.

Issues occur when people forget to update the software powering it. Much like a laptop, a mobile phone or your Macbook it needs regular updates to stay ahead of any security issues that were not discovered previously.  

The worst story we have heard from a site not being updated properly, then being hacked was a local business providing bids and tender writing services. The owner woke up on a Sunday morning to find a large terrorist group had hacked the site and were using it for propaganda purposes. 

Another story; a small charity that ended up with an SQL injection. This created thousands of links within the database from the site pointing to sites selling drugs etc. they were ranking in Google for some very bad things. Needless to say it was picked up by a council IT team in the process of tendering for work. 

Keeping any device or software up to date is so important. Your WordPress website is no different.

WordPress maintenance plans and support services

So, what are the costs for maintaining your site? 

Well, we have 3 packages you can choose from. Our entry level plan comes with our WordPress optimised hosting, built on the Google Cloud Platform and helping boost the speed of your site load. 

Along with monthly updates to the plugins on the site, any WordPress core updates and upgrades to the latest versions of PHP. 

We don’t do any work on a live website, a staging site is created before we update anything. This is checked manually and then pushed live once we are happy that the updates completed have not caused any issues to the site.

Bronze £35 p/m

Gold £200 p/m

silver £75 p/m

Daily back-up

Same as Silver plan +

Same as Bronze plan +

Free Malware removal

3 hours of adds, moves and changes


Free Migration


Staging area for site work

Free SSL


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