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SEO Audit Service

The most vital part of an SEO project is the planning! An audit will help you plan your SEO strategy.

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) audit is the process of analysing multiple areas of your website that most impact organic performance. 

The purpose is to provide a clear look at what a website is missing at its core and to create a detailed implementation plan to make technical changes in order of what impacts organic search the most.



Why do you need an SEO Audit?

Technical SEO is the foundation of a website; without it, everything else added to the site – whether that be content, links, products – will have far less of an impact. It is crucial to stay on top of on and off-site issues on a regular basis as technical issues will always crop up.

Not only that, but it is important to start your online marketing future on the right foot, and through an expert technical audit, your further marketing efforts will actually have a fighting chance.

How does an SEO Audit work? 

An SEO audit is broken up into three main parts:

On-site SEO: Actions taken on your website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages – e.g. Content Changes and Updates.

Off-site SEO: Actions taken outside of your website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages – e.g. Link Building.

Technical SEO:  Optimising your website and server in order to help search engine spiders crawl and index your site easier and more effectively – e.g Structured Data.

We combine parts of all three of these together to provide a clear plan of action for your website’s future!

What is included in an SEO audit?

  • Full Website Crawl
  • Site Analytics
  • Log file analysis
  • Website speed test
  • Structured data test
  • Mobile friendly test
  • Competitor site comparison
  • Backlink profile 
  • Possible future keywords
  • Other technical issues (crawlability, indexability,etc)

What areas can we provide a technical SEO audit for?

An SEO audit is useful for all types of websites and platforms, including:

  • New Websites
  • E-commerce and B2C Sites
  • B2B Sites
  • Mobile Sites


Our Technical SEO Auditing Process

  • Thoroughly research your site
  • Look into your competitors
  • Perform a technical analysis/audit
  • Prioritise critical issues, if any
  • Present findings and a potential action plan

Cost of our SEO audit

We have 2 levels of SEO Audit Service we offer:

Our Lite Audit and our Search Leader Audit.

Lite: £299


  • Technical Audit & Recommendations
  • Competitive Search Metrics

Search Leader Audit: £3,500


  • 3-4 hour discovery workshop – This helps us find out vital information about the business, the future plans as well as the products we are marketing.
  • Technical Audit – We look at the website and highlight any potential issues from a technical standpoint. Along with looking at what site architecture would work best for the goals of the business.
  • Content Audit – What existing content do you have on site, how is it performing, can it be edited to gain better search visibility along with understanding the best route forward.
  • Competitive KW Analysis – understand the total addressable search market. What keywords/topics should we target at the very top level.
  • SEO roadmap/strategy – A top level plan of how you should approach SEO.


Speak to an SEO specialist

FAQs about SEO Auditing Services

How long do SEO audit services take?

Lite audit delivered within a week from order and relevant access being granted. 

Search Leader audit delivered between 4-6 weeks dependent upon access being granted.

Why invest in an SEO audit?

Investing in an SEO audit allows you to build a solid foundation for your website, ensuring that the site runs well for users, functions correctly and is well-optimised for Google to get you higher up in the results.

Without technical SEO, your website is more likely to under-perform and have underlying issues, making the experience for your users a negative one – this will affect leads and conversions in the long run.

How do I get started with SEO audit services?

Have a chat with our team! We’re always happy to jump on the phone, a video call or meet for a coffee to chat SEO audit plans and find out what will work best for you and your business.