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The phrase "content is king" is banded about like a bad smell these days! But at some point you might be thinking to yourself, what content should I be producing to create opportunities for my small business? 

The good news is we've been there and done it all before! We can help you and your team create content that connects with your target audience and more importantly generates leads! 

What is B2B Content Marketing?

By definition content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses heavily on the creation and distribution of high quality, valuable, relevant and consistent content. 

The end goal being; attracting and retaining a clearly defined audience.

The ultimate goal is to use b2b content marketing to drive profitable customer action – a lead or purchase.

Why should I invest in content marketing?

This is a question we get asked all the time, and usually most of our customers cannot see the benefit in creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content, it is seen as a chore.

But, many of the top leading brands like Microsoft, Cisco, Virgin Mobile, Marriott Hotels, American Express, Expedia and Coca Cola are all using content marketing, why? Because obviously it works – and it can work for you too!

Marketing is impossible without great content.

Quite a bold statement don’t you think? However, if think about it for a second, regardless of what type of marketing or advertising tactics you use for your business, content is part of that process. Take for instance the following:

Social Media

in order for a business to utilise social media, you need to be posting, and what do you post? – CONTENT so that this can then be viewed, read or shared by your followers. If you had social media profiles setup that are not regularly updated with content then you would have no reason for anyone to engage with you.

For any brand or business, it is important to know that today the customer has become savvier, they are the experts but they are the ones who are pro-actively reaching out for help.

Interesting facts about the b2b buyer journey

On average a buyer will guide themselves through anything from 60%-90% of the traditional sales funnel before they even make contact.

What is more interesting is that 81% of shoppers will actually research online before they step foot inside a physical store or make contact with a company.

Research Online

This is a buyer-driven environment but one in which content provides a solution for many businesses. Since buyers and consumers are already searching the web for answers, then your brand needs to be uniquely positioned to provide them with the information if relevant to their search query and this is where content marketing comes into play.

The Benefits of Content Marketing

More on-site content,

Yes, we are stating the obvious with this, but the more time you spend creating content the more you have available.

A broad range of content gives your customers more reasons to stick around, more opportunities to connect, engage and really get up close and personal with your brand or company.

If they are sticking around longer on your website then they begin to trust, which will in turn lead to a higher conversion rate.

Higher visibility,

probably one of the main reasons why businesses choose to really get involved with implementing a solid content marketing strategy.

Every new post that is added to your blog or every piece of content as part of your content marketing strategy is another page that Google is going to index.

More pages doesn’t always mean more traffic but if these pages are high quality, relevant and then they become indexed it grants you more opportunities in terms of ranking for more search keywords and search queries. Specifically if you target long tail keywords and topics then with a vast array of content you would have no issue appearing in the search for these. Tools such as Answer the Public are invaluable for this.

Higher domain authority,

now you might not know too much about this however Domain Authority or DA as its sometimes known is a scoring that is developed by Moz.

It predicts how well a website will rank in on search engine result pages (SERP). Scores range from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.

Writing higher quality content on a regular basis will increase authority, relevance and trust of your website and increasing your score.

With a higher domain authority you will rank higher and earn more inbound links from external sources increasing this further.

More referral traffic to your website,

although this does depend on your individual content strategy and whether guest blogging or guest publishing is part of it.

When you contribute to external publications as a “guest blogger” you will be given the opportunity in most cases to link back to your website, if you carefully choose relevant, authoritative sites with high traffic then potentially a well written piece of content could earn you thousands of new visitors to your website which obviously would prove invaluable.

Social media traffic,

yes social media has invaded our lives, it’s taking over and growing on a daily basis.

Syndicating your content on all your social media platforms gives increased exposure and it also gives your readers the opportunity to share your content with their connections which then as a result can increase your circle of followers.

Over time, the more content you post and that is read, shared and engaged with the more followers you’ll acquire for your brand and thus more referring traffic as a result but people have to have a reason to come to your social media platform in the first place and engaging, exciting and useful content is just that reason!

Brand reputation and brand perception

A key benefit of content marketing. Everything you do surrounding your brand is a direct representation of it, therefore when people read your material they will instantly be creating an overall impression of your brand or company.

If they find what they read to be helpful, informative or inspiring then they instantly will look more favourably towards you.

If they then see your content posted on external sources where they frequent and showing up on their social media sites as well then they perceive you to be an authoritative source on that particular topic or within that particular industry and you become a thought leader.

Cost effectiveness,

obviously businesses want marketing that works, that doesn’t cost them a fortune. Content marketing simply costs time, it is extremely cost effective yet when carried out effectively it can generate you a fantastic return on investment but not only that it gives you something which money cannot buy.

It gives you a great company brand, reputation and creates a fantastic trust relationship with your customers.

What types of content can form part of my content marketing strategy?

  • Blog Post
  • Press Releases
  • Ebooks
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Workbooks & Templates
  • Whitepapers & Reports
  • Infographics
  • Slide Decks
  • Video
  • Case Studies
  • Social Media Posts

Let’s wrap things up

The bottom line is that the sooner you start investing in content marketing, creating and the sooner you can start to see results and as time goes on the better results you will start to see. Our B2B content marketing services can help you grow your business!

Contact us today and together we can create your content marketing strategy which will get you on the path to success!