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Website Design & Development

We'll mix creative and technical web design and development together with SEO in mind in order to reflect your brand, influence positive user experience and convert leads.

What is web design and development?

Web design focuses on how a website looks and feels for the viewer and web development focuses on functionality for the user.

Our team of developers and designers work on both the front and back-end of your site to merge branding and usability to give your website, and therefore business, the best chances of online success.

Through the use of different coding languages, our team can create engaging call to actions (CTAs) on buttons, contact forms and navigation menus. Our website designers and developers work closely with our SEO and content teams to ensure optimum site success.

We understand that having a new or updated website is a big investment for businesses; that’s why we create an SEO-focused development plan that will ensure that your new site pulls a return on investment (ROI), as well as looking great.

Web design for all industries

We offer website design services across all sectors for SMEs through to large corporate companies.

A great website should be the basis of your wider digital marketing strategy. That means that getting the design and functionality right is crucial from the start.

Our talented team of web designers create stunning websites that are easy to use with a direct attention to its functionality and how it performs in search – everything you’ll need to grow a strong online presence.

What Makes A Great Website Design?

Fast, beautiful, easy-to-use and above all, conversion focused. These are the four key pillars of great web design.

Your website isn’t just an online brochure, it’s a major leads generator and should be designed and developed as such. We work to make sure that your hard work is seen in search engines.

Website Speed

Website Speed is important icon

Over 50% of visitors leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

We combat this by providing a combination of super-fast hosting and lightning fast websites that feature no bloated code or unnecessary plug-ins. The designers and developers at Tao Digital use the latest techniques to ensure that every website built is fully optimised.

Site speed is crucial. It’s now been confirmed by Google themselves that it is used as a ranking factor. If you want your website to be found in search engines, then speed is of the essence.

Designer Appeal

Design appeal is key to any website icon

75% of web users judge a company’s credibility based on their website design. (Stanford University, 2002)

A website should look great, have fantastic imagery and come complete with engaging and informative content. Our designers can make that process an easy one for you. The layout and look of a website has a direct effect on how a user will interact with your site. That’s why we take such care and consideration over getting it right.

Ease Of Use

Easy to use on mobile is essential for Website functionality

Almost 55% of all global website traffic comes from a mobile device. (Statista, 2021)

With so many internet searches being conducted on the move nowadays, it’s important that your website is fully responsive and mobile-optimised.

Creating a slick UI (user interface) is a fundamental part of modern web design. The website has to be easy to navigate otherwise, you’ll find that users won’t hang around for long – plus, high bounce rates may be viewed negatively by the latest Google algorithm updates.

Ability To Convert

convert visitors into leads on your website

38% of people will leave a site if it is poorly designed. (Sweor, 2021)

Whether you want someone to sign up to your mailing list or reach for their credit card whilst browsing your online store, your website needs to be structured in a way to aid its conversion potential. We have a deep understanding of how users interact with websites and use this knowledge to exploit those trigger points to the benefit of our clients.

Our skilled web designers and digital marketers will make sure your website, and all its pages, are conversion-focused to properly engage your audience and drive sales.

Web design and development services

At Tao Digital, we are perfectly positioned to act as a complete support network for your website needs. Our team are experts in web design and also specialists in growing a business’s online presence.

Our websites, hosting facilities and digital marketing services are fully scalable, so we can work with you through every step of your online growth!

Web Design

Responsive, stylish and bespoke. Website design you can rely on!

We work with you to help handle the full spectrum of users’ impressions and interactions with your brand and site. We make sites more user-friendly and intuitive to both attract and retain customers. Our team of skilled web designers will be with you every step of the way.

Web Development

Functional, practical and maintained. Website development you can rely on!

With websites constantly evolving, our team of web developers are always up-to-date with the latest systems and programming techniques. They specialise in creating fast websites with no code bloat and can code bespoke functionality for your exact needs.

Web Maintenance And Hosting

The very best in speed and security.

With maintenance and hosting through our servers, we can ensure that you keep up with improved traffic as your site grows and becomes more popular.

Ongoing Digital Marketing

What’s the point in having a website if nobody can find it?

We have a team of digital marketing professionals who can help optimise your website, drive more traffic towards it and turn it into a key part of your sales funnel.

How web design and development affects SEO

Quality website design and development have a huge impact on SEO. On a basic level, if users are leaving your site due to poor design or development, you will drop in the search engine rankings.

For example, our team worked together to discover unused code on a clients’ site. When this was removed, the site speed increased by over 50%! We know how important site speed is to customers, so this was a huge win for our client.

We start every website design and development project off on the right foot with the foundations in place that will secure your place in search. Going forward, we can then continue these technical SEO efforts to convert the leads generated from your site’s exceptional design and development.

Why choose Tao Digital to design and build your website?

The team here at Tao Digital have been building websites for years. We aim to deliver the very best results for our clients and we build sites with SEO in mind for continuous benefits.

We want to manage your site development project with clarity, honesty, and trust. We’re great communicators and we’ll always keep you involved in our processes.

By choosing us, you’ll benefit from:

– All the latest design, development and technical expertise.
– Our ability to utilise creative problem solving
– Enhanced user-experienced and in turn, increase in rankings
– Constant support and communication throughout your site build or improvement

If you need any more reasons as to why you should let us help build or improve your website, check out our case studies. We’re ready and waiting with a good cuppa, just get in touch today.