Digital PR Service

Digital PR Services

Digital PR refers to a tactic which is used heavily by brands who are looking to increase their online presence by building relationships with key content writers, influencers, bloggers and journalists in order to gain “press hits”, or citations and create a number of high quality backlinks.

An extremely powerful tool when done properly, it can significantly increase your brand’s reach and visibility when combined with effective onsite SEO, which drives referral traffic.

Digital PR works similarly to content marketing in that it increases trust in your brand or company and also the credibility on how your brand is perceived What is great too is that all the activity can be tracked, and you will begin to see positive stats for conversion rates and ROI.

What is the difference between traditional PR and digital PR?

It is wrongly assumed that PR whether it is traditional or digital is effectively the same thing however the two are very different and here’s why.

Traditional PR looks for high circulation, readership and viewer ratings in order to determine who to approach with content for media houses and publishers.

Sometimes it can be hard to track the success of traditional PR.

Digital PR doesn’t exclusively focus on the circulation, readership, number of followers on social media sites and readers before approaching them. Instead digital PR looks at the wider picture, obviously all that is important but it also focuses on domain authority and non-paid opportunities for link citations. Where digital PR also differs is that it is much more easily tracked and measured therefore you can really see it working.

What makes a great “PR hit”?

You could obtain ten “PR hits” or you could get one really good “PR hit” and that one would have more of an impact than the ten put together – but what makes a good “PR hit”?

For it to be a good hit, it would need to be a hit within a website that has a high domain authority and one which includes a natural link to the brands website with relevant brand anchor text included. The key to this is ensuring that the reader is only ever directed to something that they are expecting to see. Our top three tips for obtaining a “PR hit”:

  • Make sure it is relevant to the brand
  • Make sure there is excellent trust flow
  • Make sure there is high social media following

How you pitch your content to online journalists is extremely important as this will determine how it is received.

How will Digital PR fit into my marketing strategy?

In an ideal world, digital PR should go hand in hand with your SEO and digital marketing strategy in order to have maximum effect and the best impact for your business online. Digital PR can however strengthen weaker landing pages and increase overall site traffic even if it doesn’t directly go hand in hand with your marketing objective.

We would always recommend that it is used with SEO, as you can really take advantage of key search term trends and then maximise coverage on what people are already searching for and what is in demand on the internet.

Tao Digital have a fast amount of experience within digital PR strategy and traditional PR strategy which is proven. Get your business in the best places both online and offline, let us help you to create the right PR relationships.