Tao Digital Marketing: Our Story

Tao Digital Marketing Ltd was founded by serial entrepreneur Matt Tomkin back in 2016.

Originally started as a freelance business it quickly started to build as more people were looking for honest digital marketing advice and help with improving the online presence for their business.

A passion for all things digital developed a number of years ago when Matt’s first business, Comms Consult, looked at moving online and getting a website developed.

Quickly realising that the old ‘build it and they will come’ attitude was no longer going to work he agonised over how to generate leads and traffic to the website and ultimately gain conversions.

Matt then formed a sportswear company, every sale, lead and interaction was done online. This is where the real love, hate relationship with digital marketing really started.

This was where the real interest started to build. Being a bit of a data geek helped. Understanding how the web worked takes a lot of study and getting to the top of the Google Search results is even more time consuming to learn, but it ended up being a passion.

Cutting a long story short, Matt made the decision to sell both Comms Consult and the sportswear company, a long-time friend and customer suggested we set up an agency so we could help businesses along their own online journey. Tao Digital Marketing was born.

Having been there ourselves we understand better than anyone the frustrations that you can have but rest assured we have just what you and your business needs to make your mark online!