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Computer and Mobile versions of the website

FiveZero Website Build

Recently, we were approached by Sports Recruitment company, FiveZero, to develop a new website for them. We loved the passion and enthusiasm they showed for their brand so, naturally, we were excited to make something great for them.

The aim was to create a sleek, responsive website that reflected their core values and showcased their brand identity. After we understood their vision, we got to work!

Mobile First 

Mobile version of the fivezero website

With mobile searchers increasing year on year at a staggering rate, it was obvious we needed to build the site from mobile first.

Once we received the website content, we began prototyping how the mobile version of the site would look and feel.

Adobe XD is a great tool we use to build out the look and functionality of our websites.

Adobe XD lets us build a prototype version of how the sites pages will interact with each other.

We showed the prototype to the client and let them test out how the navigation works on mobile and desktop.

Consistent communication with our clients is so important and giving them the ability to experience the site from it’s early conception really helped us create something both parties are happy with.

Consistent Branding

FiveZero Logo
Desktop version of FiveZero Site

One thing we really wanted to get right about this site was the brand identity. FiveZero is an international based business that have a huge market in the USA.

Their brand colours (red, blue and white) reflect their international market so we wanted to make sure that their site really popped with these colours.

Contrasting the red, blue and white was important to us as we didn’t want to overload the user with too much colour.

Instead, we went for a subtle approach, keeping a white background with red headings and blue and red call to actions.

When you land of the site you instantly recognise the American colours but not in a way that is overwhelming. 

As FiveZero is based around football and golf, we used eye catching hero images throughout the site, over laid with the FiveZero blue.

Clear navigation and call to actions

Page navigation on the fivezero website

As much as the site had to look good, what was more important was making it functional, it had to feel good from a user experience point of view.

That’s why we made sure that their were call to action buttons on every page so that the user always has a way to act on their decisions when they feel they are ready to get in touch.

Having a clear contact form at the bottom of every page was also important when it comes to increasing conversion rates.

In terms of navigation, we have our main header at the top of the page but also had a link to the next relevant page at the bottom of each page. 

This was done so that when the user has finished reading the content they can then instantly click through to the next page in a seamless way that makes sense from a user journey and brand storytelling perspective.

You can view the FiveZero website here.

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