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Go2mortgage Website Build

Designed and built by Tao

Check out how we designed and built a website for a Mortgage Broker client, Go2Mortgage, focusing mainly on an online service approach aimed at a younger audience.

Website Design for a Mortgage Broker

In the first stages of this project, we worked on a brand concept that was bright and bold. The colours were made to be vivid and the design was tailored towards a younger audience, with Go2Mortgage offering a more modern, online-based service.

Our main design steps were:

  • Created a wireframe for elements on the site
  • Created a mock up of the site through Figma¬†
  • Had the design signed off by the client

Website Development for a Mortgage Broker Business

For the website build, we chose WordPress as the platform as it is easy to use and by far our preferred option as an agency. Also, the client already had another WordPress site, so they were also familiar with it.

The site was built with Thrive Themes due to budget limitations from the client.

We incorporated the design into 6 main template pages:

  • Home Page
  • About Us
  • Service Page
  • Location-based Service Page
  • Blog Archive
  • Single Blog Post


Created a plan to build out location-based pages for local SEO. 

Working on building out a content hub on niche areas of mortgages, so Mortgages for Professionals, as well as building out the blog with long-tail blog questions and topics that will target less competitive areas.


Commenting on news, featuring Go2 events in the local news, interviews conducted to show industry expertise and trust.