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Parotec Solutions

Development project migrating three sites into one combining eCommerce and B2B services on one platform

Migrating three sites into one to streamline SEO efforts

Parotec Solutions are specialists in creating enclosures for the protection and appealing presentation of client’s products. They are a UK-based manufacturing company focused on designing and manufacturing case and foam solutions.

Their website is absolutely critical to the success of their business and was essentially their lifeline throughout various lockdowns when they could not get out and sell as they usually would.

Our main focuses of 2021 have been as follows:

  • Development project migrating three websites into one. Orders / Quality sales leads are already coming through over the past few weeks so the migration has gone well. Focusing SEO efforts across three websites would have taken a lot of time and focus, whereas merging the three together has helped to streamline SEO efforts. This has also allowed them to cross-sell across different areas of the business (merging B2B and B2C together).
  • Completely regenerated the site by changing the intent and aiming for a combination of eCommerce and B2B services, as well as informational content – essentially, a site that could do everything that the three sites aimed to do individually. This means customers can buy straight from the site seamlessly, increasing conversion rate. The previous eCommerce site wasn’t optimised from a search perspective and wasn’t bringing in many sales, so we wanted to use content to strengthen this.
  • Whilst we don’t have specific data yet due to the site being live only for a short time, we can already see the impact with how good the site looks and how much it has improved in terms of organisation and accessibility. We focused on making the buyer journey as easy as possible, so we set up relevant category pages and reduced buyer friction where possible.

Here are some of the reasons why James, Operations Director, enjoys working with us…

  • Ease of communication
  • Local
  • Flexible
  • Accommodating
  • Can-Do approach
  • Support questions answered quickly
  • Ongoing support after launch helpful – not just delivered and closed
  • Took time to understand what we were trying to achieve to develop the best brief based on this.
  • Approachable at all times
  • Wanting to establish a relationship – not just deliver a single project
  • Creative ideas applied to design approach
  • Built a website to deliver results – optimising copy etc to produce best results – not just a ‘copy and paste’

Hear what James from Parotec had to say about Tao


My name’s James Betts and I’m Operations Director at Parotec Solutions. We’re a Bolton-based company who manufacture IT and case solutions for a range of industries including aerospace, IT, museums and hospitality.

We’ve worked with Tao for approximately two years now, this began with blog articles and working on our SEO. Recently we tasked them with migrating our three existing websites into one streamlined website where we could offer eCommerce to our customers as well.

The website went live very recently and so far we’ve had fantastic feedback from our customers who really like the look and feel of the new site.

Not only did they migrate the site, but they changed the language and intent to mean that we rank far higher in search engines, allowing us to do far more business in the UK and overseas.

Tao are different from other agencies we’ve worked with, mainly because of the personal contact we have. We can pick up the phone, we can come and see them, they will come and see us, and they’re approachable whenever we want to see them.

It was really important for me that we worked with an agency where we built a relationship and that it wasn’t purely transactional, and that’s exactly what we get with Tao. We’re looking forward to building on that relationship over the coming years.