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Cogogo Case Study

Designed and built by Tao


In the early stages of this design and development project, we worked closely with Cogogo’s brandbook to bring the bright, bold and fluid design to life.

The overall theme of the brand was produced to represent how easy Cogogo can make the process of buying and selling a business, and with this in mind, it’s what we aimed to replicate. 


Our main steps involved:

  • Closely interpreting the brand guidelines to work in a UX environment
  • Create mockups in Figma to translate the branding across the site
  • Getting the design approved by the client and sent off for development 



We incorporated 5 key pages to keep the user’s journey simple, allowing them to easily navigate to the specific services that they need.

The 5 key pages included:

  • Sell a business
  • Buy a business 
  • About us
  • Get in touch
  • Useful info

Next steps, get more Business Valuation forms completed using SEO and PPC!