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Wheel Gods Alloy Wheel Repair Case Study

Zero Rankings to Page 1 in under 4 months

We were recently approached to help a new start-up Alloy Wheel refurbishment company in Bolton to gain more visitors from search engines.

We immediately got to work on improving the 3 core areas that matter most when driving organic search engine traffic to a website.

Starting from the bottom

When we first got access to the site there was no search traffic at all coming through from any of the main search engines. From a marketing perspective, no search traffic is never a good sign.

Everyday we see millions of people searching for businesses online, so having no search traffic to your website can hinder your business massively.

It can be harmful to your business for a number of reasons but one that springs to mind is your competition getting all the traffic from prospective customers.

We knew we had a challenge on our hands but decided that coming up with a strong strategy would be the best course of action.

Building the foundations

Our strategy initially involved developing and adding relevant content for the specific services offered by Wheel Gods. These were added on separate “service” pages to the existing site.

The site was built as a one-page website, great for keeping things simple but shocking for SEO.

The Goal

Gain more website visitors from Search Engines.

The Challenge

Go from zero rankings to page one on Google.

The Results

Page One rankings achieved for “alloy wheel refurbishment bolton” and “alloy wheel repair bolton“.

Then came the turn of Schema mark-up, it didn’t need to be complicated for this market so we concentrated on developing simple schema for the pages we had created.

Mission Accomplished

After a few months of hard work, we then let google decide our fate. Thankfully, because we are SEO specialists after all, we have a knack for getting the results that businesses are looking for.

This meant we were able to get first page rankings for terms such as “alloy wheel repair bolton”, “alloy wheel refurbishment bolton” etc. How about that?

As you can see from the ranking tracker from ahrefs, we’ve still got a way to go for some of our target keywords (SEO takes time) but the early signs are very positive.