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Digital Marketing for Insurance Brokers

The insurance world is changing and you need a strong digital presence!

Why do you need digital marketing?

The same people who search the internet looking for clothes, new gadgets or even car insurance products are now the same people who are your potential customers.

A recent study by Merit suggests that 73% of millennial workers are now actively involved in decisions to purchase products and services. 

This generation lives online and if you’re not there where they can find you then you’re missing out!

Looking for a Digital Marketing Agency to help your Insurance Brokerage generate more leads? Let’s chat through how we can help, today!

How we can help you and your brokerage

At Tao Digital Marketing, we have a team of experts who have not only worked directly within a  marketing team at an Insurance Broker but also have experience from other industry sectors that have grown and utilised digital marketing to gain sales and leads. 

Our service starts with the basics; a discovery session. This allows us to get under the skin of who your target audience is, to develop a really deep understanding of where your targets hang out. 

It is so important to research where your prospects are spending their time online and communicate with them in the same tone of voice as they will be using on those platforms. 

After the discovery session you will receive a document that informs your marketing strategy. Unless you have a strategy in place of how you are going to get in front of your target market, you can end up wasting valuable marketing resources; both time and money.

Search engine optimisation or SEO

Organic Search position is key for insurance brokers when looking to try to generate sales leads and opportunities. 

Even large corporate businesses now start their journey to find a new insurance broker online. So if you’re not showing up within the search results on the first page there’s a very good chance that you won’t even have the opportunity to quote for their insurance.

Where do you currently show up on search results?

Type your service into Google, for example fleet insurance. Are you on the first page? You probably know from your own experience that people don’t visit the second page, the first page is all that matters within Google search results.

PRO TIP: Make sure you are browsing in a private browser (incognito). Google can track your behaviour so you need to use incognito or private browsing to make sure you see the true results. Or use a search engine like Duckduckgo which does not track you.

Paid Search Marketing or PPC

Paid search through Google ads or Microsoft ads is ideal to generate quick leads as you’re paying to be at the top of the search results rather than having to spend time developing your organic presents visibility. 

The potential issues with paid search marketing or PPC are that it can be relatively costly and you’re not guaranteed any specific results.

A really well optimised landing page will help increase conversion rates you see from paid search campaigns and so it’s really important that the full lead generation funnel is researched and developed.

In other words, you give people the best opportunity to request a quote from you. 

Social Media Marketing

Having a social media presence for an insurance broker is really important, clients will not only look at your website and do a search for you within Google or Bing but they commonly also spend time researching who you are. 

Generally this will be done on channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and perhaps Twitter.  Potentially Instagram depending on the type of insurance you are actually selling.  

Paid social media is now another channel that can be really effective.

Platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to target down to a person’s job title, so if you’re looking to target, let’s say the operations director, as that is the person who normally makes the decision on insurance policies, LinkedIn and Facebook allow you to advertise to those profiles that have that exact job title.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is critical when looking to generate highly qualified leads.  

You can spend a lot of time speaking to people, chasing up cold leads and generally wasting time and money on leads that are not qualified properly.

Using marketing automation gives you the opportunity to push those cold leads through a nurturing funnel or series of touch points introducing them to your brand.

Making sure that they’ve got an interest and a timely interest in your product or service before a salesperson tries to make contact.

Let’s say someone enters their contact details via a contact form on your website and they’ve got no specific requirement within the next week or two but they’re interested to see what you offer. We can teach them more about your business and services. 

Using marketing automation we can send them a follow up of emails, we call it a lead nurturing series where you send them relevant information about your team and what you specialise in. 

Another thing marketing automation can do is track user behaviour, building up lead scores based on the different pages they have visited on your website. 

Let’s say for example you are a traditional commercial lines broker and you’ll have office insurance, liability insurance and all the traditional insurance services but then you’ll also be offering cyber insurance as a separate product.

If you’ve got a page specific to cyber insurance and an existing contact visits the page, let’s say they spend more than 10 seconds on that page and they also scroll through a certain percentage of the page, we know they’ve got some form of interest in cyber insurance for their business and therefore we tag them as such within the database. 

If you then have a special offer on cyber insurance and want to send an offer for cyber insurance to people with an interest in the product you already have your segmented data built.

The Tao Digital Dashboard

When working on our clients marketing campaigns, we think it’s really important to build a dashboard; at the end of the month you can understand exactly where all leads have originated from.

The name for this is full marketing attribution, effectively we know that a lead originated from organic search for example and then they might have come back through social media channels once or twice and then clicked on a paid ad. 

The reason we want to track this interaction with the website and understand the journey of how prospect X went from not knowing who you are to an actual sales lead is because with Google Analytics you end up with last click attribution data out of the box.

This means that the last interaction with the website is used against a goal conversion so in the example above it would be the paid ads that get the credit.

If this happens and marketing decisions are made based on last click data only, you could be spending more money on your paid ads but actually where you need to be spending the money is on organic search.

This is the place where the lead first interacted with your brand.

So we build what we refer to as the Tao digital dashboard. Once it is set up, at the end of the month you can click a button and find out exactly where your leads have come from.