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SEO Agency Bolton

Having our base located in Bolton means we’ve had the opportunity to work with some fantastic local businesses.

Helping them improve their online profile and to rank for competitive keywords on Google and other search engines.

What do we do?

Tao provide bespoke, transparent organic search advice with the goal of improving the businesses rankings online.

Search Engine Optimisation can take a business to the next level, creating access to a greater customer demographic and to increase sales in the process. As an SEO agency we are always adapting and learning in this creative industry.

There is a lot of trust put in us to provide the right SEO strategy to suit your business goals. We represent your brand in a way that is reliable and trustworthy, driving customers to their site and helping generate more sales.

Advice we give every new client is to understand about whether SEO is the right solution for their business.


Going Digital

SEO Audit
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Before any plans for an SEO strategy are put in place, the first question is whether or not you are ready to go digital? Tackling the online world is a move every business will eventually need to make.

However we stress that it is important to understand the benefits of going digital for your business. If you think your business is ready to make that transition to working online then it is our mission to help. Whether you need a website building or a content marketing strategy for a pre existing site, we are here to advise and give guidance.


Invest in getting the results
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SEO is time consuming and the rewards are not instantaneous. However that is exactly why we are here! It is our job to take the pressure off. We are here to provide the right path and the best advice on how to take your business to new levels, especially online. SEO is a long term solution and time should be carefully allocated to this.


Digital marketing requires skill or we should say skills! Lots of them. Does your business have the right team In House to take on all the skills that an agency like ours can provide? Training or up skilling can take time and resources which some businesses can lack. We have a specialist team each with their own skills and knowledge that are ready and waiting to help and guide you.


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As we’ve found in our line of work, there can be a lot of lost trust in digital marketing agencies. SEO agencies in particular. Others within our industry selling day dreams and unrealistic results in an unrealistic time frame. As tempting as those cheaper, faster solutions may seem. In the organic search marketing world there is no such thing as a quick fix.

SEO takes time and nurturing in order to see the results that are going to benefit the business in the long term. Also with Google cracking down on black hat SEO methods, your business will suffer if the agency you put trust in uses methods that are frowned upon. Our mission is to build that client trust from the first hello!

Clear and Communicated:

Being a Bolton business means that we love to have a ‘natter’. So when it comes to any business we make sure that we communicate what it is we do and how we do it. At the end of the day we are all human and holding a 30 minute conversation has a better impact. This is our ethos.