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Stanmore Insurance Case Study: SEO

How building strong relationships helps businesses grow

Stanmore Insurance have been providing personal and professional insurance to businesses across the North West since 1962. Areas covered include Specialist Charity and Community Insurance, Property and Developers’ Insurance, Construction Insurance and much more.

Managing Director Jackie Hyde has been a trusted business contact of our Founder, Matt Tomkin, for more than a decade – long before Tao Digital even started. The two have been supporters of each other’s businesses for many years, so the relationship between us is very strong.

Over the years that Stanmore have been our client, we have implemented various technical SEO and content changes, as well as monthly link building to boost the site’s domain rating.

As a search marketing agency, our work is of course the most important aspect of what we do, but the relationship we have with our clients comes a very close second.

It’s also about how we embed ourselves into our clients’ businesses, get a strong understanding of what they do, what areas of the business they should grow, being part of their business and team not a ‘third party agency’ – this is the key to a great relationship between an agency and a client.

Here’s a video from Jackie explaining what it’s like to work with us.


Hi, I’m Jackie Hyde, I’m the MD of Stanmore Insurance Brokers. We deal with all types of insurance, commercial and personal lines. We have certain specialties, we work a lot in the construction industry, property owners, and my most unusual risk is a fertility clinic.

I’ve worked with Tao for a couple of years now, but I’ve known Matt Tomkin, the MD, for well over ten years, and we’ve been very close, strong business friends. 

It was an automatic go-to for me to go to Tao, to help me develop our social media content particularly, and to get our websites where they need to be. So I’m grateful that Tao then came and really understood our business to make that all happen for us.

The staff there are very keen to help us move things forward. But I think the businesses are very close. Recently, I’ve started working with Chloe, who’s come to do some mentoring with me, so that I can help her in her role within Tao and again, we get to know each other that bit closer so that things just naturally develop between us.

What makes Tao stand out for me is their interest to get to know our business, to really understand the depth of it.

If I had to describe Tao in three words, it would be passionate, focused and caring.