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The Best Email Marketing Software for Insurance Agents

Email marketing is a bit of a hot topic at the moment, not least because it has one of the highest returns on investment out of any form of marketing. Although this type of advertising has been a key staple for eCommerce businesses for many years, it is quickly emerging as one of the key revenue areas for B2C/B2B insurance brokers. In this article we’ll be exploring why, plus our top software picks.

Benefits of Email Marketing for Insurance Brokers

There are so many benefits to email marketing in general, but for especially those in the insurance industry – it is a bit of a goldmine!

Here are just some of the many benefits for insurance agents:

  • Automate renewal emails: Sending renewal reminders can be a tedious process if done manually. Save time, effort and money by connecting your insurance software with email platforms that can automatically follow up with a client a couple of months before their contract expires. 


  • Lead generation: If a lead submits their email in order to get a quote from your website you can ask them to opt into receiving emails from you. Based on your follow up/sales process you can set up a series of automated emails for contacts tagged as warm leads.


  • Advertising directly to your target audience: Other forms of marketing, such as traditional PR, may not get directly in front of those who may actually be in the market for your services. However, those on your email database have directly opted in and so are open to hearing from you.


  • Access to valuable analytics: Most email marketing platforms will provide you with a decent insight into your audience. This can directly feed into your overall content marketing strategy. For example, if you see that you are getting more clicks about a certain email topic (e.g. adjusting your insurance during inflation or new industry laws), this can spark ideas for longer form content on your site that your audience may be interested in.


Top Email Marketing Software for Insurance Brokers

There are a wide variety of email marketing platforms out there that can suit many different budgets and number of contacts. Here are our top recommendations:

Active Campaign

ActiveCampaign integrates email marketing, marketing automation, sales automation and CRM categories. We prefer to use this platform for our own marketing and for our B2B clients due to its combination of site tracking, app integrations and AI.

You can set up ‘tags’ that will automatically be added to contacts based on certain behaviours, e.g. if they have entered their email to get an insurance quote or have clicked on a blog within the body of an email. Read more about our favourite features in our extended email marketing software guide.



One of our insurance clients uses MailChimp for their email marketing and finds it very useful. The platform is aimed at SMEs and has a number of unique features, such as its built-in survey creator (great for getting client feedback) and landing page builder. 

Along with decent tagging abilities, the platform comes with thorough reporting, an easy template editor and over 500 integrations with other pieces of software. There is also the ability to send personalised email postcards. 



Sendinblue describe themselves as a ‘SaaS solution for relationship marketing’ and is the only email marketing platform that we currently know of that does not have a contacts-based pricing system – the price is based on how many emails you send.

They are also incredibly helpful when it comes to GDPR compliance and respond to customer service requests promptly and effectively. The drag and drop editor is a great feature, especially for those who may be new to email marketing.


Which email platforms integrate with insurance software?

All of the email platforms we have mentioned above have hundreds of integrations with apps. We’ve taken a look at three of the most popular pieces of insurance software (Acturis, TAM from Applied and Go-Insur) to see if they integrate with the above email marketing platforms.



One of our insurance clients uses Acturis to store all of their client data. This can be integrated with Outlook to store and send email traffic directly from the platform. It also allows them to quote commercial insurance products automatically as it integrates with a number of insurers’ back office systems too.

So, does it integrate with email marketing software? It doesn’t look like it integrates with ActiveCampaign as it doesn’t show up on ActiveCampaign’s integrations page – same for Mailchimp and Sendinblue.

That being said, Acturis does have an API that allows for the development of connections between software applications. So, with a little effort and a developer on side you could have all your data flowing between Acturis and your chosen email provider. 

In theory, you could even build a connection into Zapier and then you can connect your Acturis account with all the apps Zapier connects with. You can read Zapier’s full list of apps here


TAM from Applied

Another one of our clients uses The Agency Manager (TAM) from Applied. Our client tells us they rarely connect the software to external systems as it is not particularly configurable. Alerts for renewals etc. are added manually. As with Acturis, it doesn’t appear to be listed as any of the email platform’s integrated apps.

Although TAM has been traditionally closed off, Applied (owner of TAM) do shout about the open technology and promote it heavily on their site. That, alongside a list of existing partners, would suggest it is similar to Acturis in that if you make contact and the solution works for both Applied and customers, it would be likely a connection could be developed. 


Go-Insur from Pancentric Digital

Go-Insur describe themselves as ‘the modern way to do insurance’ and allows you to unlock new efficiencies and revenue streams, rapidly expand distribution, and improve servicing for your clients. 

The website doesn’t talk directly about what software integrations it has out of the box but it does reference integrations. The platform also comes with an inbuilt email automation system to help tackle some of the benefits mentioned above. 



Email marketing can be a great way to create warm leads, stay in touch with your clients and generate revenue. If you don’t know where to get started, read our Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing or get in touch with us today.