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So I started a digital marketing agency

Hey, if you’re reading this it’s most likely due to the fact we’ve either met in the past, you’re a mate of mine or a business colleague. You never know, you might have actually landed on here thanks to some digital marketing we’ve done!

However you arrived, I’d like to say thanks, and welcome to something new and exciting in my career as a serial entrepreneur.

I’ve been interested in Digital marketing for as long as I can remember. For the last few years I’ve had hands on experience from the business owner engaging with an agency, In-house (agency) and then sharing stories and frustrations with many business colleagues and friends.
On our About us page you’ll see a little about how it all came about.

Below is a really basic guide to what I’m looking to create.

What do Tao Digital Marketing do?

The agency has been set-up to serve the SME community and help them to better utilise the endless possibilities of the Digital landscape. We wanted to create an agency that not only helped established online companies grow but help those who are not sure where to start with online marketing to prosper and succeed. We plan on doing this in 2 ways, providing a consultative approach to marketing online and to also provide the specific services that will help your business grow.

Digital Marketing consultant – What’s that then?

Well, we see this as being a relatively broad service from us here at Tao digital, that helps you put together the pieces of the puzzle and help build an enviable online presence. This could be as simple as being at the end of the phone to answer your questions, provide information on what and how to do a certain task but also help train people to do it themselves.

We know time is precious so we won’t just give you the information and leave you, we’re here to build a solid partnership that will help move your business and our new agency forward. After all, we really want you to work with us and grow. The more you grow, the more you use our services (hopefully) and the more money we all make and can share in the success.

Specific digital services – What will we be offering?

Initially, the plan is pretty simple. We’ll be working with the broad remits of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Paid marketing (PPC), Social Media campaigns (both paid and organic) and most importantly in our opinion, Marketing Automation.

A bit about me – What’s the journey been?

I’ve always, well as long as I can remember, wanted to start and run my own business. At the age of 19 I set-up a company called Trainer Force. This was online personal training, way before youtube existed, and definitely way before the big online training platforms you see nowadays. Even back then I knew the internet would be the future. I didn’t make very much but the business basically created personal training plans and featured videos of all the workouts the individual had to complete as part of the program. It was the same time as the million pixel webpage. I bought some pixels for advertisement and funnily enough it worked a bit. It broke even anyway.

From there, I went on to form 2 other companies of significance. The first being Comms Consult and the second being VO2 Sportswear. Both very different industries and one which was a success and another which ended pretty badly. But, both are still standing and moving forward.

Anyways, for both of these companies I spent a long time learning about the Digital Marketing world and how to build a successful online presence. That now brings us to today and Tao Digital which I hope will be the next rung on life’s ladder to help move another step up life’s ladder.