Keyword Hero – How good is it? Here’s our review

Awesome! Pure and simple.

We were that impressed with the results, we thought we’d write up a quick review on the software.

What is Keyword Hero?

Keyword Hero promises to get rid of the dreaded ‘not provided’ information in your Google Analytics for any given website.

Match keyword to session in GA, get rid of (not provided), is the site strapline.

Does it work?

I’ve been using it now on for over 2 weeks. It’s great. Although the website is still in its infancy it is seeing some organic search.

Search phrases such as ‘seo agency Bolton’, ‘digital marketing Bolton’ ‘SEO cost‘ and ‘bolton SEO’ are just a few of the phrases that I don’t see in my normal analytics view or in our Google Search Console account.

For bigger sites this could be priceless in terms of the information it is passing. Allowing for the technical SEO team to make sure that the site and any pages are being optimised to take advantage of the keyword driving traffic.

Connecting the conversion dots

The even better thing I think that you could use Keyword Hero for is to understand what keywords drive more of your conversions. What are the people who are making contact or purchasing from your website typing into Google?

This could then be used in a number of different areas to help improve the overall number of conversions.

Setting it up

It takes 2 minutes to set-up. You simply allow them access into your Google Analytics & Google Search Console accounts via the online tool they provide. And there you have it.

Keyword hero will set-up a new view within your Google Analytics account under the property you have selected.

Keyword Hero - 2 minute installation

Will we be using it?

100% yes, we’re just speaking to the team to see what we can do in terms of getting a deal in place for all of our clients. Even if we don’t manage it we’ll be making sure we recommend it to all of our clients.

It makes our job so much easier!

    • Great to hear you liked the information we have provided. Keyword Hero really is proving a great tool for us and especially our SEO clients

  • Hi Matt
    This is Max from Keyword Hero. We loved your great article about our service some time ago. In the meantime, we had a few exciting changes:
    – We updated our pricing and lowered entry level prices – our paying plans now start at 9$/month and the next level is at 49$/month
    – Our smallest plan, the “Little Hero”, remains free!
    – And, most importantly, we introduced a totally free trial phase for each of our plans (even for the largest corporate plan, and for any number of projects) – without any obligation and without the requirement to enter credit card data
    We thought this might be interesting for your readers and maybe even worth mentioning in your article – do you plan on an update?


    P.S. Keyword Hero recently got overwhelmingly strong feedback from amazing SEO thought leaders – like Branko Kral , Luke Monaghan and Lukasz Zelezny. And not to forget Cyrus Shepard and Rand Fishkin!

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